Hobo Safe Camp only functions as an independent and sovereign entity, free from the restraints of corporate mechanisms. This means that your donations are extremely important to keeping the collective vision moving forward.

PayPal Donate $1 Campaign
But we also realize that in these trying economic times, it's extremely difficult for most of us to just get by from day to day. This is why we've started the Hobo Safe Camp Donate $1 Campaign. Show your support today without breaking the bank.

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If PayPal isn't your thing, we also offer other ways to donate. Click below to donate through GoFundMe. Larger donation amounts earn free rewards!


Sponsor an Event
If you are a business interested in sponsoring an upcoming Hobo Safe Camp event, please contact Hollee at manifestmarketingnow@gmail.com.

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Show your support by purchasing books from the Hobo Safe Camp Bookstore. Click below to browse the titles.